The Best Job Hunting Books You Should Own

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Which of the 13,223 job-hunting books on is going to help you land your next job? When I look at my bookshelf next to my desk, I wonder if I haven’t bought them all, plus a few more.

“In just one week, 26 new books were added to the ‘job hunting’ category on Amazon!

How can you keep up?”

 The job hunting books that rise to the top of my list provide valuable insights, different perspectives, or an unconventional tactic that I have used to help land a job opportunity. In the early days of my book collection, I remember glancing through a $7 negotiation book for tactics moments before negotiating my salary at a fast growing IT company. When the HR Director presented the offer over the phone, I used one of the tactics and added another $9832 to my salary.

The Best Job Hunting Books

To make in on my list below, the job hunting books had to have that kind of impact on my career. With so many good books on how to uncover your talents, write a resume, prepare for an interview and negotiate salary, I’ve limited this list to my favorites that can help you find a job.

Job hunting books

Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0 by Jay Conrad Levinson & David Perry

job hunting booksIt’s easy for us job hunters to get stuck in a rut. Usually it’s because we’re betting on a single job hunting strategy that isn’t producing results. This book opened my mind to new strategies (999 to be exact) that cover both online and offline job hunting. Have you ever considered running a Facebook ad of yourself to target your exposure to employees of specific companies? Or harvested the full value of LinkedIn within your network?

If you need to get re-energized, then keep this book handy to kickstart your job hunt. There are pages and pages of useful ideas. I found it easy to get overwhelmed. Look at it as a menu and not a manual and you’ll find plenty of value between the covers.

Business Model You (BMY) by Tim Clark & Alexander Osterwalder

Job hunting booksIf you’re mid-career and want to stand-out from the crowd in an interview or want a company to create a job for you, then you’ll want to consider this book. The BMY approach will help map your value for your target company’s business model. Imagine walking in to an interview, storyboarding a company’s strategy on one-page, and then showing how your value will turbocharge their business model. This is eye-candy for an executive!

The model is a simple and easy to use. It consists of a 1-page canvas with 9 blocks that can even be drawn on the back of a napkin on on a whiteboard in an interview. The author has a reasonably-priced course on Udemy that complements the book.

Ask the Headhunter: Reinventing the Interview to Win the Job by Nick Corcodilos

job hunting books

Nick’s weekly blog posts are the ‘Dear Abby’ column for job hunters.  His posts are respond to reader submitted scenarios. Wow – do people get themselves in awkward situations! My favorite posts involve predicaments involving botched offers, crazy negotiations, and working with shady recruiters. Although his website  ( is difficult to navigate, his e-books (for purchase) hold valuable insights on specific topics.

What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Bolles 

job hunting booksThe Library of Congress puts this book on its shortlist of ‘The Most Influential Books Ever Written.’ It certainly lived up to its reputation with the impact it has had on my life.  Richard is a former clergyman who has written what many refer to as “The Job Hunter’s Bible.” The introspective exercises and the introduction to informational interviewing were breakthroughs for me in my job hunts.

What this book does better than the others is it covers not just the tactics of job hunting, but the emotional side as well. In the middle of a major economic downturn, this book exposed me to an approach that turned my 100% rejection rate (after 63 applications) to a 100% success rate in getting meetings with hiring managers. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Headhunters Hiring Secrets: The Rules of The Hiring Game Have Changed…Forever by Skip Freeman

job hunting booksSkip’s approach comes across like a drill sergeant. It’s hard-hitting and to-the-point. His book covers the ‘how to position yourself’ through every step of the job-hunt. The bite-size chapters, help you craft your marketing plan, direct your sales approach and assist you in closing the deal. Coming from the recruiters point-of-view his insights often feel like industry insider knowledge. If job hunting isn’t one of your passions, then you’ll appreciate the level of detail Skip provides from what to say to how to label the file name of your resume before sending it.

  •  Do you have a favorite job hunting book or blog?
  • Which job hunting book made a difference in your career?

Leave a note in the comments field and ‘pay it forward’ to other job hunters. In the meantime, I’ll be following your recommendations and looking to add to my collection of job hunting books.

Thanks for reading.

– Ian Jenkins