“…awesome program.”
“…at least 40 companies identified…”
“On my way to a great new job!”
“Had one advice meeting so far…”
“I received a call from the company offering a position”
“Got (at least) 5 meetings a week after the first week!”
“I have had 11 advice meetings and roughly added 40 more leads/ideas”
“Love the process”
“This is the kind of advice and boost to my confidence I need”
“This is the kind of advice and boost to my confidence I need”
“I landed a great new job in a rather short amount of time”
“I had an advice meeting. He provided me with 4 contacts.”
“I couldn’t have done it without you”
“I have had 3 direct hire interviews in 3 days”
“I love your approach and am excited to put it to use”
“…the advice meetings and career outline opened the doors…”
“Thanks again for the very useful feedback”
“I feel confident I will rock networking with what I have learned from you”
“I’ve been able to secure a few advice meetings using your technique”
“I had my first 2 meetings, got great feedback and 2 referrals”
“Great information. Solid advice”
“Impressed with the effort you take to personally respond to questions”
“This process has helped me tremendously”
“Many thanks to your support and awesome program”
“Already got through a HR generalist to get a meeting”
“It gives a unique and clever way to land you interviews”
“I love your program”
“I just finished and I think it is fantastic”
“I just set up my first 3 advice meetings with hiring managers”
“I just accepted an offer for a great job”
“Thanks so much for your fantastic program!”
“I read and learned your tips to get a job”
“This course is a game changer”
“Very impressed with how your review and explain everything”
“Very positive and uplifting process”
“Thanks for your lessons; they have been tremendously helpful”
“I have 2 interviews this week and 3 next week”
“I appreciate your approach and tools for success”
“Luckily this training fell in front of me”
“I was selected for job that suits my skills and interest”
“I think there is something to your program”
“I got a job!”
“It offers a unique approach to looking for a job and getting interviews”
“These exercises in the Job Search Secrets class are really hard and so valuable”
“The Job Secrets course is amazing”
“This is the most engaging job search tool”
“I love the written exercises for gaining clarity”
“This is a great course”
“Boosted my spirits and kept me motivated”
“Gained many valuable insights”
“Very inspiring”
“Great advice”
“Your webinar was great with such eye opening suggestions”
“Thanks for your great presentations”
“Thank you for your very helpful session”
“You are a superstar”
“Your webinar and tools were extremely helpful”
“I am very grateful to be able to view the webinar”
“I attended your webinar…it was excellent and brilliant”
“Great presentation…very valuable info”
“Great webinar”
“Thank you for your great (job hunting) presentation”
“…informative and insightful webinar”
“Enjoyed your webinar and great job seeking insights”
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“First time attending this webinar and found great value from it”
“Great idea and presentation”
“Incredibly valuable perspectives”
“Extremely impressed with your approach”
“Great presentation. It offers a unique approach”
“Thank you for an informative webinar”
“All the tools you that you made available helped me a lot”
“Learned some great tips”
“Amazing webinar”
“Just wrapped up your webinar- LOVED IT”
“A big thank you”
“It was like you were speaking directly to me”