After a career on the commercial side of technology companies, Ian is living his dream by reshaping the lives of individuals around the world. His approach to job-hunting equips career-changers and job-hunters to secure interviews without the wasting time applying for jobs online.

He discovered his breakthrough approach while searching for a job in the midst of a tough recession, with dismal local language skills and no network. His approach is 21x more effective than searching for jobs online.

Students of his system learn how to tap into the huge market of unadvertised jobs and put a stop to competition, rejection, and the need for a network to land their next job.

He works with motivated job-hunters who are willing to break from the status quo in order to achieve their professional aspirations.


Are you frustrated with the slow progress of your job search? Are you starting to consider jobs way below what you should be earning? You’re not alone. Getting past application systems is the #1 challenge most senior job seekers face today. Our proprietary tools and courses are designed to sidestep the impersonal, automated hiring systems and get you face-to-face with managers within hours. Employers have changed their hiring process over the past 10 years. Isn’t it time to change how you apply for jobs?

Careeriser Masterclass

Getting past application systems can be a challenge when you're eliminated because of your age, degree or employment history. Our Masterclass will help you discover how to find companies that appreciate your background. Get up to 6 face-to-face meetings with managers per week even if you're struggling to stand out and get interviews. Used and refined by over 35 000 job seekers over the past 18 years.

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Flipped Resume

When you know where you want to work the Flipped Resume is your key to getting an interview with your next manager. It turns your old-fashion resume that describes your past into a forward-looking, employer-centric one-pager that's aligned to the top priorities of your future manager. The Flipped Resume is your stealth approach to skipping HR and application systems using our proprietary one-page template that hiring managers drool over!

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