The 7 Words That Got Me 34 Interviews

    I found that the hardest part of job searching is getting an interview. Yet everything changed when I used this simple call script that consistently got me interviews with potential employers.

    Getting face-to-face with a manager is easy when you know how to ask

    Don’t be misled by the simplicity of the script. It works.

    There’s a subtle psychology behind it that makes it a priceless door-opener.

    The 7-word phrase is designed to leverage the strength of existing relationships and get you in the door for an interview.

    So here it is.

    “Hi [name of contact], [referrers name] recommended I call you.”

    The reason this 7-word phrase works so well is:

    1) It starts the conversation with someone they know. The referrer becomes the bridge connecting the two of us.
    2) It lowers the defenses of the person you are calling.
    3) It leverages the existing relationship so that you are ‘pre-approved’ to get the meeting you want

    You might be wondering, how do I get referrals?

    Getting Interviews

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    Here’s what other participants have said after attending the webinar…

    “I put this one tip into action straightaway and scheduled an interview with a global pharma company before the end of the day.”
    – Larry Singer, Operations Executive

    “I’ve spoken to dozens of my contacts who didn’t open a single contact to an employer. When I used this approach I was able to get 4 interviews in a week.”
    – Venkatesh S. Consulting Manager