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The One Word That Can Get You The Job

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You check your e-mail and find a message from a job interviewer you met two days ago. Before you even open it, the title “Thank You” tells you what it means: Someone else got the position you wanted. “What could I have done better?” you ask yourself. “I was sure I had everything they were looking for.”

What you say in an interview (and how you say it) can make the difference between “You’re hired!” and “We’ve decided to go in another direction.” To change the outcome of your career search, all you need is one little word.

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Interview Tips

Interview Prep: How A Hiring Manager Interviews For Talent

Interview | Ian Jenkins

As I hung up the phone, I felt the sweat beading on my forehead. Why did the COO want to have a “chat” with me? His office was at the end of executive row. It was tucked away in the corner almost out-of-sight. It looked humble until you entered it. I was anxious sitting across from him. My eyes darted from award to award on his bookshelf. I couldn’t believe what he had just told me: “Ian, I need you to interview and hire 17 salespeople yesterday! It’s essential for reaching our revenue target this year.”

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The Job Hunting Question That Will Change Your Life

Tristan had been job hunting for 7 months. He continually revised his resume and cover letter, but it never got him in the door for an interview. He expanded his job hunting approach from online job boards to offline job fairs and association meetings. Nothing. Not one interview.

After investing two years of his life in graduate school, he was starting to question if he had made the right choice. He’d left his wife and 5 year old daughter behind in the hopes of advancing his education and securing a job in Europe. He desperately wanted to be with his family again. First, he had to find a job. Time was running out. His student visa was expiring in 5 weeks.

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Interview Secret: The Best Interview Tip I Ever Learned

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In job interviews, the weaknesses in our profile can quickly become show-stoppers. A skilled hiring manager will discover them quickly. Without a good approach to handling our weaknesses in an interview, they can prevent you from getting the job.

Here are four simple steps to overcoming your greatest profile weaknesses so that you can win the job!

Step 1: Identify your greatest weaknesses

No one knows your greatest profile weaknesses better than you. Review the deliverables for the job you’re targeting. What are the biggest gaps between your profile and the results required for the job? What would prevent you from getting hired?

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